Connecting Sports, Entertainment and Enterprise with a Purpose ™

Like any athlete who depends on mental and physical fitness, a company’s success depends on its marketing and fulfillment fitness. Each part must perform properly to achieve the highest results. In athletics, the highest result is winning. In marketing, the highest result is achieving brand awareness to increases profits.

For over twenty years, AMG has been a trailblazer in strategic marketing and management. AMGs’ primary focus is on brand and talent franchise development within sports, entertainment and business. AMG has a keen understanding of marketplace dynamics and the client’s needs. Therefore, we are able to tailor strategic plans that deliver measurable results. We believe that AMG is the best value proposition for clients because our success is measured by the success we create for our clients.

At AMG, our goal is to ensure each part of our client’s enterprise marketing program performs to its optimum level. From talent management to integrated sales promotions, media training, public relations and brand development to creative services and special events, we provide our expertise and proven performance that helps our clients maximize results.