About Werner Scott

Werner's past credits include the brand positioning of Dallas Cowboys superstar Emmitt Smith, yielding "Brand Emmitt", "Emmitt Zone" and "Emmitt Zone For Kids" franchises. He has also worked with several corporations like American Airlines, Frito-Lay, and Bank One Texas, providing strategic market development expertise.

Under his guidance, AMG was the key architect in staging the NFL Run To Daylight and the NFL Fast Man competitions, and working with NBC Sports to produce the ongoing Bayou Classic, the Super Bowl of Black College Football.

Prior to founding AMG, Werner started his career in 1979 in brand marketing and sales holding a number of posts with Xerox and never looked back. He climbed through the ranks at Xerox becoming an invaluable executive within the organization from 1979 - 1985.

A distinguished military and honor graduate from New Mexico State University, Werner majored in human resources management, with a minor in marketing sales. He has a strong passion for civic and charitable organizations including, The Open Doors Foundation, Academies of Excellence, and the Center for the Study of Sports in Society.